busted hose

I put my unloader back on my machine.So I started it up and a hose busted. It is a 1/4 inch hose.So I went to Home depot and bought a 250 psi braided clear hose and that broke also(twice). My question to you Professionals is,Where can I purchase some hose for my...


Does anyone have a photo of a GP2124 unloader installed on a mi-t-m 4000psi 4.2 cold water is supposed to look like ?I need to install !THANKS

pressure gauge question

Hello! I just installed a pressure gauge on my pressure washer today. I have a 4000 psi 4.2 gpm cold water unit.When I let the machine run without pulling the trigger the pressure fluctuates between 3000 and 4000 psi.The machine will idle at 3000 psi for about 8...

brushing gutters!

Hello! This question is for anyone that cleans the inside of gutters.After you remove the leaves and debris, do you use a brush to clean the inside of the gutters?Or do most people just remove the debris and collect? Thank you!

gutter cleaning inside and out

a landlord wants his gutters cleaned inside and out.the gutters measure 120 linear feet. It is a 2 story home.I know some contractors get about 1.00 a foot,but does that include outside of the gutters?When measuring linear feet do you guys measure down spouts? I would...