Where in the middle of doing a night work month long town job that is all flatwork. Because of that it leaves us only Fr. & Sa. To catch up on our other work.

Last Friday we did a Condo complex gutter clean out job. I have the same 5 guys that I’m using for this town job to do this job as well. There were tons of gutters and the pay Was $3500. We’ve done this Condo in the past but it’s usually done once a yr. This time we haven’t done it in over 2 yrs.

So now the problem. Between 2 hurricanes that came thru our area since it was last cleaned (Irene & Sandy) and all the rain we were having here you would think that maybe they would be cleared out some… But noooooooooo.

Some of these gutters were growing small trees out of them and the gunk build up in all of them were at the top.

Total disaster. Since I just raised there price 10% from the last time we did it and I never went there to check on there condition this is where you can get a beating like I did for not looking at the job first.

End result— 2 days of 12 hrs each(including traveling) for 5 guys to clean these gutters. When tax time rolls around I’ll be lucky if I break even on this job.

Can’t win them all. This one I sure didn’t.