We had a residential job this past week that we would normally use our Fat Bandit on to clean but it is mounted in another trailer with tanks. We were doing some major concrete cleaning with our pressure washers that are on a different trailer. I had bought on a whim an x-jet for like cheap back up. I had it with us an decided to try it instead of switch out equipment and come back for the gutter/house cleaning. Mixed 2 gals of 12% in a 5 gallon bucket with a healthy squirt of Dawn. Stood back 12 ft and shot the gutters and siding, let it sit all foamy for 10-12 minutes then rinsed off with the x-jet.
I have to say that this saved me a ton of time on this one job and the extra pressure for rinsing off on the second story gutters from the ground were awesome. All of it was done from the ground
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