I am a roof cleaner near Tampa, Florida. So, the Google Search I want to be near the top of the search results in is simply "Roof Cleaning Tampa FL".
However, my good friend Chuck Bergman lives down in South West Florida.
They have a TON of smaller cities and towns down there, so I made this for him http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/ind…-englewood-fl/
Englewood Florida is one of about 35 smaller towns he services.

If the forum you post on has blogs (This one does), they are much more effective for reaching potential customers then simple promotional posts.
Every Forums Blog Software (if the have it) is different, but on our forum, you can actually approve, not approve, or even allow other posts!
This is super important, to keep local competitors OUT of your promotional posts.
Local Competitors will sometimes make a post in your thread that says "Nice work, Chris from Apple"
And, often, they really do mean it!
But some scumbags will only post in your thread, to try and STEAL your work.
They post like they are flattering you, and your work, when they really hope the potential customers you attract will shop them, so they can cut your throat!

Our Blogs (and the ones here on TGS) give you total control, to moderate, allow, or disallow comments, as well as delete them, in case a local competitor who has posted in your Blog becomes an enemy!

I have seen cleaning contractors make promotional posts on some forums that become highly ranked in their search results.
Then, out of the blue, a local competitor sees this, simply joins that forum, and posts in that highly ranked thread!

The poor contractor then runs to the forum moderators, to complain about the local competitor who has jumped in the promotional post, and ruined the thread.

Well, guess what ? Seldom will they do chit for you, and now your worst nightmare has become a reality. A local competitor has just stolen your SEO!

My advice is, to use the Blog Feature here on TGS, to promote your business.