One of the mechanics I know got in trouble recently by not putting the dip-stick in properley. By the time the owner got home and parked the car the sump was empty and the underside of the car was covered in oil that fell onto the concrete floor.

This is the before I clean it, but still 3 weeks after the incident and the owner soaking up the surface oil and degreasing the remainder… plus all the old oil stains.

And this is after.

Of course this is inside the garage/storage area which is full of cardboard boxes and stuff…. so after moving some stuff I had enough room to walk around the stain without tripping over, but certainly not enough room to get the pressure washer out (even if I did bring the vacuum). My initial information was, of course, that the stain was on the "driveway". At least I didn’t have to clean the whole driveway.

This was simply cleaned with ReKrete CAAPS – mix up a strong batch and scrub into the stain, keeping it wet for 10 minutes, then squeegee off the mess and repeat several times. For lasting effect I left it damp with the CAAPS. Probably spent no more than an hour on site including explaining the process to the owner and chatting about bikes & mud, paintless dent repair, vehicle reliability…

Another happy customer.