Gutters that are neglected can have a much as 3 to 400 pounds of debris in the bottom of the Gutters. This debris is mostly caused by asphalt granules that are washed off the shingles when it rains. The granules combine with ordinary dirt and dust and become caught in the bottom of your Gutters.

With enough weight, this can damage the gutter in several ways,

  • The Gutter’s Pitch can change and water can overflow into your home’s foundation or even flood your basement or crawlspace.
  • Fasteners that hold the gutter to the roofline can loosen or even fall out causing damage to the Gutter and even your roof. 

Water must be channeled away to prevent it from penetrating into your home or even cause foundation damage that could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Riverside Pressure Washing has the experience to clean your gutters and downspouts correctly and remove those unsightly stains from your gutter. Call Dave at (360)573-5427 for all of your Vancouver Washington, and St. Helens Gutter Cleaning needs.