I am doing an estimate tomorrow for a painted wood house from 1902, a brick walkway and patio, a concrete drive, and steep pitched roof. So, here are the questions:

The House: This house was built in 1902 and is painted blue. While I haven’t seen the house in person yet, it looks like it is in good shape from Google Earth (I realize this is not an up to date image). What is the best house mix to use and what precautions should I be aware of. It is a single story at one end and two story on the other end.

The Roof: It has a very steep pitch and is under many trees. I won’t be climbing the roof – that’s for sure! Can I shoot this from the ground through a PW (I know this is not the best solution). I do have a pump if need be but need to buy a battery and rig a quick system of some sort (advice here is good too).

Brick Patio & Walkway: What is the best way to avoid effervescence? Best solution mix? Best way to avoid having to re-sand?

Concrete Drive: At last, I don’t have to ask about this one!

After all of this, I may not even get the job, but at least you will have taught me well. Thanks in advance.