I have a client with a small driveway(around 500sq ft). I have never done pavers before, will there be any problems pressure washing them(using whisper washer classic)? I got this job, by giving a landscaper my business card at the grocery store(I work there part time). He gave me a call, and wanted a quote for his own driveway/house. I gave him his quote but was skeptical about it, he wants a house washing and his driveway/sidewalk done.

Everything is really clean except a lil algae in the pavers cracks in a small section, and the sidewalk is fairly dirty.. So I figured he was just "checking my rates", so I gave him a low price a.) because it looks like a simple easy job. b.)If I could get in with this guy and he could swing me a few roof/driveway jobs that would be really good(I told him he will get a percentage of every job I get from him). I charged $50 for the driveway, probably take an hour tops and $75 for the house washing, basically just going to rinse it..

I figured I could land a sealing job off of him. How hard would it be to get a gallon of sealer from home depot and use a pump up sprayer(or even my roof cleaning set up sprayer) to do his small driveway? I have never sealed a driveway but I heard it’s straight forward.. clean it, let it dry good, and spray it evenly. Is it something anyone can do, or only a "very experienced Professional" can do?

Question #1: Will the pressure washing remove too much of the sand in the cracks?

Question #2: Should I try to get the sealing job or pass it up?

Question #3: If I bought a gallon of Kret-Seal for $25 from home depot, how much do I charge to seal this small driveway?