Ok so after extensive research and the ambition to expand the services I offer, I am now set up for soft washing. I however would like to list what I purchased and get your feed back and suggestions . I have a 12v 5.5 gpm everflo chem pump, a 900 cca marine battery both in battery boxes . ( I installed a 4" 12v fan in the pump box). My supply is 3/4 " poly braid with a 1" PVC pipe w/ poly mesh on the end( 12′ of it) . My chem hose is 300′ of 1/2 spiralite . A schedule 80 chemical wand with stainless steal quick disconnects I built all rolled up on a 18" Titan aluminum hose real with a SS manifold and a s.s super swivel. I plan on using SH with fresh wash. I also have roof snot for the steep pitch roof or low pitch with out gutters … Tell me what you think … Is 300 ‘ to long for chem hose? … Thanks for the input