Do you guy’s actually buy the rebuild kit and do it yourself? for the last 5 years we have always had our done, and it costs like $200 bucks. The rebuild kit can be found here for $50 bucks. Also has anyone customized theirs so that you can grease it? Mine right now is spitting out all the grease and water out of the side holes..

Seal Kit – Whisper Wash Classic Repair Parts

My questions are:

Is it fairly easy to do for the first time? and does it always work? (we rebuilt ours last time with our own o-rings and using a few of the old seals and it didn’t work..)

Also does anyone run a big guy from a 4gpm honda 13 hp p.w or is that just not possible? I got trailer already rigged up and the guy said that’s what he used, but I tried it on my other 4gpm p.w and it didn’t spin nearly fast enough, so I’m using my 20" classic. The p.w he used it on needs the Udor pump rebuild, and it’s been a pain finding a rebuild kit, but finally got one ordered last week.