I need some advice? I have a very good window cleaning business for the past 13 years. I have been doing power washing for about 5 of those years. Im still using the cold water 3300-4000psi portable 4-5gpm with no water tanks or reels ( home depot brands ). Just unloading and loading my truck. I know its pretty bad. over the past year I’m power washing 3-5 times per week. Doing all homes, patios, decks, concrete, driveways, and yes roofs when I can. I do very well for what I’m doing but I need to step it up. My question to you guys is I’m not sure how big to buy. I don’t mind spending the money but if I’m only doing residential do I really need hot water and a huge tank. I recently was looking at a 3500psi cold water portable belt drive with 55gallon water tank with 200ft garden/wand hose reels. I was going to buy a 5/8 enclosed trailer to put everything in. everything would have cost me around $5000. Is this the direction I want to go in? Also, I would like to know what enviromently friendly chemicals you guys use? How about a good roof cleaning product in which I can spray on and rinse off?