Good afternoon,

I am sorry about the angle of the pictures but i hope you will be able to make something out from them. I got a call on monday from a gentleman that maintains these condo units.. he asked me to price the five uniits for a siding wash. the largest building has seven units (pic 1) and the smallest has four (pic 2 shows half the building). they are relativley clean except for some mold on the sides. being a newbie i figured that largest one will take me five hours so i will price that one at $400.00 ($80 per hour) and the smaller one will take less so i will price those at $300.00 per for a total of $1600.00. this of course sounds good to me because even if it takes me twice as long i will still make money but i just dont want to be a idiot. do these numbers even sound close?

thanks for your time


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