Hello, fairly new here. Here’s a short background, so you can get an idea of my problem. I have almost all the equipment to start a roof cleaning/ pressure washing business (minus a few minor things) I have the truck, enclosed trailer, two 4 gpm washers, one 6.5, 2 surface cleaners(big guy, classic), water tank, SH tank, all the hoses, wands everything.

My dad owns a commercial cleaning business so he has all this stuff from over the years having job doing pressure washing. His business is incorporated, he has good insurance and everything.

I have quite a bit of experience in this field from working for him/ doing all the neighborhood driveways, etc. Here’s my problem, I just graduated high school and I am ready to try doing pressure washing/roof cleaning as a main source of income to pay bills I have to pay. What should I do now?

A.) Start my business with a llc or dba?, pay the business license fee, and spend money marketing and hope