Myself and a good friend are starting a business venture in the ext cleaning and roof cleaning, roof cleaning being our main focus, we live in ohio, I just wanted to make my first post we just ordered our first batch of equipment,pumps,engines,plumbing,wands,reels,etc. The way were starting this is were going for it all at once i have 10+ years of roofing and construction exp,and my friend has business exp so were putting our minds together and going for it. Ive personally never sprayed anything on a roof to try to clean it, Ive done extensive research on chemicals,systems,methods,etc ive put so much information in my head its about to explode. My main question is ive decided to go with a delavan fatboy setup with a 200 ft hose reel with 1/2 chemical hose,and for my pressure washer system i went with a honda gx390 13hp,and a 4000 psi 4gpm annovi pump,back to my question,is 200ft of hose and my hose diameter on my fatboy pump will it be enough pressure to spray my chemical to the rooftops with ease,should i shorten my hose,go to a roller pump with higher psi. I may be new to this but like i said my brain is exhausted from research and now that its all coming together i have alot riding on my shoulders to make this system efficient and to work well in all situations…any help,tips,tricks, would be greatly appreciated