I know this crossroads has been reached by many p-washers and soft washers . But the Question is still …to x-jet….downstream …or a dedicated pump system to apply the house wash mixture ?

I have done all 3 ….except not an actual x-jet but a rigged up high pressure shooter .

This spring I set up a 12 volt pump 16 gal tank system. I hooked up a 150 ft hose reel with a spray gun that would shoot about 25ft. It paid for itself on the first 2 jobs . The only problem is that chlorine is a beast on all the connections and the pump is loosing power. Yesterdays job we were down to about 15 ft on the range ….even after a battery check ….

I looked at the Bandit system and one on Sun Brite ..roofster … that are dedicated pump systems . They claim they are built to withstand the harshness of the chems …

Today after reading many x-jet threads ….and with my pump system loosing pressure …….with a job looming this Monday …I think at the least I will put the x-jet on my trailer and get my hand truck out of the shed to tote the 5 gal around.

Luckily my son does most of the work these days but I still need a system that is simple to use .

My pump system cost me about $125 for the hose reel…hose ..connectors …and the gun I already had a tank sprayer for my lawn business and a 12 volt battery in the shed . My son would pull up to a job and unreel the hose . Turn on the switch and he could do a large house in 2 hours with this system. We developed a rinse system using the pressure of the garden hose . 2 large houses were easy with this system …..3 if they were close enough in travel time

IN may cases he did the house wash without getting the pressure washers out …..I am interested in the Bandit system as it looks heavy duty but at $1,400 vs $150 for an x-jet …today I’m headed to buy the x-jet and I will work on a more durable system of replacement parts for my current set up .

I could use a more than 60 psi 2.2 gpm 12 volt pump the tank came with …to get more height and some stainless connections to step up my system . After all these years in this business it is still fun to experiment with new ideas and process’ to make this work easier and more profitable ……..