Hello, My names Connor, I just graduated high school, and have pressured washed neighbors driveways and some other clients for the last 5 years on and off. I always just loaded it all up in a truck or trailer, unloaded on site and did it that way. It works good but doing it by myself makes it a little difficult and time consuming. I have a 13 h.p honda with 4gpm pump and 20 inch surface cleaner. It does a good job.

However I just recently found a good deal on a trailer package and bought it. For $850 I got a 10ft enclosed wells cargo trailer, same washer and pump but stationary(pump needs rebuilt), a big guy surface cleaner, a 220g water tank, a 65g chlorine tank, 2 reels 1 for pressure hose, other for garden house hook up to chlorine for roof cleaning. The chlorine has an electric pump to doing roofs. I think it was a decent deal.

Heres a few questions:

1. Is it better to run a stationary washer? The only concern i have is that when I do pool decks it would have to use a lot of hose, will I lose pressure for my surface cleaner?

2. Should I hook up to their water(always have before), hook their water up to my tank, or just run off their water directly?

3. My worries with the tank is I have a stock s10 4.3 and with a full tank of water, I feel it would be harsh on my truck as well as gas milage wise. Is the tank worth it?

4. Can a 4gpm run a big guy(28inch) with no problems? I tried it on my pressure washer, and felt it wasn’t spinning fast enough( bearings are good).

5. For roof cleaning, the guy said he used dish detergent and chlorine, he spray it on and then just washed it off. Is that right? Whats the proper way?

The trailer is full there no more room for another washer. So just give me some advice on what to do with my stuff, what to sell and what not. I do residential stuff and normally by my self. I really want to get my trailer set up so all i have to do is have a job lined up and haul my trailer there with no set backs. I was to increase my job speed, and work as efficient as I can. Thanks for your help!!