I have a potential customer who called and wanted the paint from her driveway removed. Several years ago the whole driveway was painted but now she would like to have bare pavers. The homeowner does not know the type of paint. In the attached photos are what she has done with a cold home pressure washer and a paint stripper from home depot. She states the progress she has made has taken numerous hours.


She is willing to pay quite a bit to get the job done. More than enough to cover renting a hot water pressure washer from an equipment rental place.

The hot pressure washers I have seen available for rent range from 2000 psi and 2.8 gallons a minute (electric) all the way up to 3500 psi 5.0 gpm. Figured if I were to rent a pressure washer I would go with the high psi and gpm.

Besides a hot pressure washer what is the best method of attack?

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