Hello all to this forum. Just joined. If I don’t have my signature or something is incorrect please let me know.

My auto detailing business started washing fleets last year and this year is moving into other avenues of pressure washing….such as house washing (BY THE WAY IF ANY OF YOU NEED HELP WITH AUTO DETAILING/BUFFING I WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP TO SHOW MY GRATITUDE IN HELPING ME GET STARTED WITH THE POWER WASHING SIDE OF MY BUSINESS – SEND ME AN EMAIL OR PM – I know how hard it is to start a business and learn the ropes and having a mentor is vital).

As I learn and read many of your posts here I can’t find a starting point as to how much bleach to add to the house wash solution. My first product that I have purchased for house washing is Emulsifier Plus because I heard some good things about it and that it is bleach friendly. It recommends a ratio of 50 to 65 to 1 with its solution but I don’t know how much bleach to start with. I asked the retailer and they did not have a good answer. I understand that there will be mild, medium and severe cases and the ratio will need to be adjusted from there, but where does one start? If I have a 50 gallon tank that has 50 gallons of water and one gallon of Emulisier Plus how much bleach should I add to start with? I haven’t a clue…1 gallon of bleach…is that way too much???

If that starting point does not remove the mold/mildew than should I add more bleach and reapply?

To throw one more factor at this question…how do I adjust this ratio if applying with an x-jet? I may just use a 12 volt sprayer and directly apply it to the house but I may also use the x-jet.