Went out to do an estimate today for a potential customer I met through a teammate from our dodgeball and softball teams. The customer stated she wanted me to clean her concrete driveway, walkway, front and rear patios, and the curbs washed. I measured and came up with approximately 2250 sq ft driveway and patios and 150 linear feet of curb. The driveway was dirty but did not have any oil or grease. This was a straight cleaning job with no sealing.

I gave her my price at which point she responded with a price of 75 dollars.

I have had a couple of customers already, but I am still figuring my pricing. Her price would come out to about 3 cents a sq ft.

I have averaged a great deal higher on concrete work so far.

Like I said, all she wanted was the work on the concrete. No siding, roof or deck.

I politely advised her that I was unable to do the work for 75 dollars.

My question is…

Is she cheap, or have I been ignorantly charging others too much but been lucky?