When you all talk about down-streaming do the majority of you use a 10:1 or a xjet ?
With a 10:1 do I apply 12% and surfactant straight uncut and add water for an xjet because of the diffrent ratio ?

Currently I still use a pump sprayer for gutters up a ladder with a brush and 10:1 a "detergent" for siding and rinse it all down low from the ladder or shoot it with a empty mnpt nozzle. My legs are jelly from all the up and down ladder work on some jobs so I would LOVE to switch over to a 12% mix if it means hardly any ladder work. It will save allot of time and add allot of safety.

anyone have a good recipe to use with a 10:1 they are willing to share ? or know where I can score the good stuff up here in Canada ? such as simple cherry or f-13 to attack 2nd story gutters from the ground ?