I have been in the Kitchen Exhaust business for 5 years now, and was wanting to start on the residential side.
Well after I started doing some research, and looking at extension poles, x-jet, and all the other stuff I decided to go with the method on this video.

I downstream almost all my restaurant hoods, however I know the 40 degree/soap nozzle doesn’t shoot very far to chemical treat 2 story houses.
My setup is:
Northstar 3.5GPM 4000psi pressure washer.
Northstar 250 degree heater/Steamer.
Super suds sucker chemical injector.
I know its not a top of the line setup, but with our method of lots of scraping and great chemical, I can practically get away with a garden hose.

Any way….. Would you guys please be so kind as to tell me exactly what parts/setup I need to shoot exactly like on this video?

Thank you in advance!!!