I had done a search on "orchard ladder" use and found virtually nothing. I used these ladders all the time when I owned a landscaping business about 7 years ago with great success. I bought a few conventional aluminum ladders 8",16" and 24" for my new Power Washing business as these seemed to be the industry standard to work with.
I used these ladders for the first few weeks with stabilizers and siding extensions and they worked fine. But I often would have preferred to have simply been back off the siding to get a good overall view/angle to apply my chem’s or rinse.
I still had my orchard ladders but I had let a landscaping friend use them for the last few years. I called him and borrowed back (lol) these ladders and began using them again.
WOW! They work fantastic in this line of work. Sure you need to have a decent level area to put them on but I love being off the siding and having a great clear shot to wash the entire side of each home in one shot.Even being set back to apply and rinse chem’s on the roof seems easier.
Just wanted to give my two cents to what I have learned. I will keep my conventional ladders as they do have their place for sure. But I have a feeling it will end up being 70/30 now with my orchard ladders from my past few weeks of residential experience. I am trying to fabricate something like rubber feet for the single arm so I can try using the ladder on cement. Another possibility is making my own concrete small forms for the feet to slide into then using a rope that ties onto one step. Then have 2 pre-drilled holes spread apart on the single adjustable pole to tie into using an eye bolt that the rope/line would tie off on. Just some ideas…
I’ll keep you all posted…also thanks for all the info that is in these forums…wouldn’t be nearly anywhere I am with knowledge without you all passing on your vast experience and your info on your own trial and errors. thanks again